Monday, February 22, 2010

Hot flashes

Well i started having hot flashes a week ago. They SUCK!! Around Friday or Saturday I started having them during the night, and just about every hour. That really sucks! So I either wake up to uncover or I wake up to cover back up cause I am cold! Other than that I took my second shot on Thursday, really kicked those hot flashes up a notch! I also started my period, but just spotting for like 9 days, normal is like light- med 3-4 days. Also my family is starting to tell I am more bitchy, my sister pointed it out and my husband agreed. But for now hubby is just ignoring it, and not snapping back....yet! But other than the first 2 days of my "period" I haven't had any migraines. Hope fully this is all of the symptoms that I will be getting with this menopause.

1 comment:

  1. Nah your not bitchy, its just the weather brings everybody to a irritable mood. trust me everyone is on each other's last nerve haha.