Monday, March 8, 2010


Last week was a real killer. I had a horrible migraine the whole week. I missed almost the whole week from work. I went to the Chiropractor twice last week! I also broke down and called my OB/GYN and asked for an antidepressant. I just feel sad all the time, tears spring to my eyes from t.v. commercials, the radio, things people say, even my own thoughts. I also would rather stay in bed all day than do anything at all. So I think that I just need this to get me through this time in my life. The hot flashes are about the same, I get them up to once every 45min but then also will go up to 3 hours without one. I still get them more at night, but taking Ambien helps me to not wake up with every one. So far my sweet husband has been dealing well with my mood swings and down right bitchiness! Just 3 and a half more months of this.Thank God!

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